Professionalism & Dedication

Our baristas may look like they are effortlessly pumping out coffee behind the bar every day, but they are constantly working hard to better themselves. From working on the bean to the final cup, they play the multifaceted role to balance a good cup of coffee with good customer experience. You might also like to know that your pour over and espresso are brewed by baristas who have played the A-game in coffee competitions. We are certainly proud of the team we have put together to serve you.

Dapper Coffee Latte Art Throwdown, Pour For Nepal  -  Rudel

Stamping Ground Coffee Latte Art Throwdown 2018  -  Gary

Kurasu Singapore Brewers Tournament  -  Rudel

Hook Coffee Academy Latte Art Throwdown  -  Gordon

Vitasoy Barista Challenge - Best Latte Art  -  Kayden

d' Good Café Barista Battle 2017  -  Kayden

The Glasshouse Singapore Brew Down  -  Rudel

Kurasu Singapore Brewers Tournament  -  Sharon

Vitasoy Barista Challenge - Signature Beverages  -  Vivian





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