Since its founding in 2012, d’Good Café has been committed to contributing positively to our people and community.

We offer job opportunities that encourage personal growth and development. We also promote volunteerism among
our people to enhance bonding and teamwork.

Our initiatives do not only provide us with the opportunity to help others, it has also increased the capacity of our hearts to care, love and give.

Blessing the needy and disadvantaged is something that we hold closely in our hearts. Our engagements include reaching out to needy families, elderly, intellectually challenged and youths at risk.

If you would like to make a difference and be exposed to different life skills, sign up as a volunteer by writing to us

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Fulfil a Christmas Wish
2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

We believe giving is a blessing. In the spirit of Christmas, we partner TOUCH Young Arrows (TYA) yearly to bless underprivileged children aged 6 to 12 years. Advocating a Christmas beyond the usual gift exchange, we invite our patrons to join us in blessing the little ones by fulfilling their Christmas wishes.


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Brew Good For Good
2019, 2018, 2017

Annually, we would kick off our anniversary month to give back to our society. In celebration of our 5th Anniversary in 2017, we put together a coffee brewing kit to raise funds for the homebound elderly under TOUCH Home Care. 100% of the sale proceeds from the coffee kits were donated to support Meals-On-Wheels, a programme that delivers meals to elderly with mobility issues.

In 2018, we continued our Brew Good For Good campaign by donating 100% of the profits from the sale of our house-brewed D’White cold brew coffee to support Meals-on-Wheels.

The Giving
Family Festival
2018, 2017

We participate in this yearly fundraising event to benefit 31,000 beneficiaries of TOUCH Community Services - children from low-income or single-parent families, youth-at-risk, needy families, people with special and healthcare needs, and the frail elderly. Proceeds from the sale of coffee and tea are donated to the cause.

Crafting Hope

TOUCH SpecialCrafts is an art platform under TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (TCIL) that serves people with mild intellectual disabilities. The aim is to use visual art as an alternative way to bridge learning for persons with intellectual disability and to discover, nurture and develop their skills and talents in visual expressions. Since we opened our doors in 2012, we have been retailing crafts made by these special artists. 100% of the sales proceeds goes back into supporting TCIL. To get to know these group of friends better, we also invited them to our café for a Coffee Day Out in 2014 and they were treated to drinks and cakes.

FABulous Creations
October - November 2017

We joined hands with the People’s Association and four other F&B companies to impart culinary skills to at-risk youths. Guided by our Head Chef, five youths assigned to us went through a 3-part mentorship programme. In the finale of the event, the youths gave back to the community by preparing a 5-dish meal for 200 seniors and the lunch was hosted by our Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong.

Cup Filled With Love
2018, 2017, 2016

Together with a few eateries, we went out to bless the community with free coffee in our respective hood. Anyone who picked up the empty cups carrying encouraging quotes which we distributed in the streets could head to our cafés to get them filled with free latte or long black.

A Bracelet, A Smile, A Hope
October 2016

We believe that a little positivity goes a long way. As 15 October 2016 marked our 4th Anniversary, we dedicated a week to spreading positivity and kindness. Our patrons were nominated to do acts of kindness when we handed them handmade “kindness” bracelets. Being kind can be as easy as buying a stranger coffee or telling our close ones how much we appreciate them.

To pass on kindness, we encouraged our patrons to do likewise
by nominating the people around them.

Project Heart of Love
24 June 2016

Our staff volunteers came together to serve cheerfully in “Project Heart of Love”. Project Heart of Love is targeted at giving rental flats resided in by the seniors aged 65 and above a makeover. 
Together with The New Charis Mission (TNCM), we refurbished a 1-room rented home of a senior. We packed, cleaned, painted and furnished the home to make it a lot more comfortable for her to live in.

Lunch with Love
21 June 2016

Honour the elders. One day, we will grow old too and want to be respected. Take the time to listen to their experiences and learn from their wisdom.

We partnered with Touch Senior Activity Centre (TSAC) and treated 22 elderly men to lunch. The majority of clients from TSAC come from less privileged backgrounds with little opportunity to step out of their Geylang Bahru neighbourhood. The event provided an opportunity for these seniors to dine in a cafe setting. We are blessed that they spent their first time with us. There was also a special guest appearance by veteran actor, Mr Chew Chor Meng, which brought many smiles to them after a hearty meal.

Unlabelled Run
16 April 2016

The Unlabelled Run is a community event organised by ex-offenders from The New Charis Mission (TNCM). Started in 2006, TNCM reaches out to more than 2000 individuals from all walks of life: children, youths at risk, families, ex-offenders, prisoners and the elderly. Our team helped to recruit our patrons to join the run and we also participated in the run to show our support for these changed men and their works.