Frequently asked questions

How does coffee subscription work?

Our Roaster will curate a rotating selection of beans, roast to order, pack, and deliver to your doorstep monthly over the period of subscription. You will enjoy freshly roasted coffee at lower prices and be the first to try all the new upcoming coffee before they are released in our stores.

What is the period of subscription?

You can choose between 3, 6, or 12-month period.

How is payment made?

You will pay for the first month of subscription upon checking out. It will then be on a recurring payment basis for subsequent months, until the end of your subscription period. For example, if you make the subscription on 5 March, the first payment would be charged to your credit card on 5 March. Subsequent payments will recur on 5 April, 5 May, and until the subscription comes to an end.

What are the benefits of coffee subscription?

  • Savings – enjoy freshly roasted coffee at lower prices
  • Preview – first to try all the new upcoming coffee before they are released in our webstore and physical stores
  • Exclusive tips – be part of a private Telegram channel to receive brewing tips and recommendations
  • Exclusive offers – enjoy special deals on our brewing gears and coffee workshops
  • Gift – receive a gift based on your subscription period

When will I receive the gift from my subscription?

You will receive the gift within the first month of your subscription. $20 e-voucher has a validity of 90 days from the date of issue and it is valid for our webstore only. Complimentary coffee session/workshop will be scheduled as soon as we have adequate number of participants to run it.

When will my subscription be processed and delivered?

Coffee would be roasted, packed, and shipped out within 2 days from the date of your subscription. Please allow 3 days for shipping. Some delays by the shipping company may occur especially during peak seasons.

Can I cancel or pause the subscription?

We are afraid not.

Where can I find the profiles of the beans?

You can head to our shop to check the profiles of Hebrews and Two Swings. The single origins are changed seasonally and the selection is based on Roaster's picks to deliver unique experiences to you monthly.