Coffee – our passion. Extract, steam, pour, repeat.  This is how we celebrate our love of the bean every day. Whether we are making coffee with our espresso machine or manually brewing one, we want to share our love and passion with you. The soul behind the coffee bar is the one who knows your drink, understands your morning grogginess and lends you the listening ear. From strangers to friends, say hello to us!


Every cup is crafted with beans that we blend and roast.


Pick from our carefully curated selection of single origin coffee and we will manually brew a cup for you. Our manual brewing tools include V60, Wave Dripper, Aeropress and Syphon.

Cold Brew

There is nothing quite like coffee brewed cold and served cold. Brewed and bottled by us, reach out for one to cool down.

Australian International Coffee Awards

Bronze Medal Winner 2019 Cappuccino, Milk (Blend)

Australian International Coffee Awards

Silver Medal Winner 2020 

Two Swings 

Cappuccino, Milk Coffee

Finca La Julia 

Single origin Immersion

Australian International Coffee Awards

Bronze Medal Winner 2020 

Two Swings 

Cappuccino, Soy


Cappuccino, Soy

Custom Blend Coffee

“Blend & Brew the way you like it" at d'Good Cafe. This is our first-ever Custom Blend Coffee. Believing everyone is like no other, we push the boundaries of the Third Wave of coffee. We offer you something that is uniquely you by allowing you to create your own coffee blend from a range of single origin beans. We call this the Fourth Wave of Coffee. After all, the best cup of coffee is one that is exactly the way you like it.


The 2-step custom blend process comprises:

  1. Coffee Cupping & Surveying to determine  your coffee preference and beans for blending

  2. Blending, brewing and naming your own coffee blend

Available by appointment.

Custom Blend Process: $40

Repeat order of the same blend: $7

(per cup by filter)