Many are not aware of what goes into the making of a cup of coffee – how a coffee bean is the seed of a fruit that needs to be roasted before it can be grounded and brewed, a drink that takes skill to grow and prepare. The vast range of unique flavours of coffee reveals the provenance and human story behind the beans.


Hence, DGC Academy and Roastery was founded in early 2017 as a dedicated subsidiary to fuel our love for coffee. From sourcing, to roasting, and finally brewing, we are passionate about the art of coffee making and would love to share our knowledge and experiences with you.


At DGC Academy, we are dedicated to bringing together the authenticity of traditional craft brew and innovation of modern practices in the realm of specialty coffee. Our teaching programs encompass a multidimensional approach – encapsulating, enhancing, and reinforcing the skills and understanding of our students so that they can thrive in the specialty coffee industry.


DGC Academy hosts barista workshops and specialty coffee education with international certification. Constantly improving and innovating, we strive to ensure top-notch quality sessions just for you.

Let us take you on a journey in demystifying the secrets of the artisan coffee culture!

Join us at our Coffee Appreciation Workshop, Latte Art Workshop, Espresso Restructured Workshop or find out more about SCAE here!


Coffee Appreciation Workshop

This coffee appreciation workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge of different types of coffee and brewing methods.

  • Brief history of coffee.

  • Define key tasting terms for coffee.

  • Understand the differences between Traditional Coffee, Commodity Coffee and Specialty Coffee.

  • Experience coffee brewed with different brewing methods.

  • Learn the basics of crafting standard espresso-based beverages.

  • Equip each individual with the knowledge of proper purchase and storage of coffee beans.

This class is taught by our Chief Barista Rudel Balatbat, who has won multiple awards in Coffee Competitions.

Duration: 3 Hours

Course Fee: $45 per participant

Class Size:  Max 6 participants per class

Contact to enquire and register.

Latte Art Workshop

Engage in a technical and creative workshop that will hone your skills in crafting intricate and aesthetically pleasing latte art patterns. Suitable for all skill levels. No experience is required.

  • Technique building.

  • Learn the art of texturing milk to achieve consistent velvety-smooth milk.

  • Understand the factors that affect the quality of every poured pattern.

  • Technical guidance on how to pour Tulip, Rosetta and Heart.

  • Proper visual assessment.

This class is taught by our Chief Barista Rudel Balatbat and Assistant Chief Barista Kayden Loh. Both have won multiple awards on various Latte Art Competitions.

Duration: 3 Hours

Course Fee: $150 per participant

Class Size: Max 4 participants per class

Contact to enquire and register.

Espresso Restructured

The espresso machine serves up drinks from Long Black to Piccolo Latte. This class offers a comprehensive overview on the coffee plant and bean, an understanding about how and what we taste in espresso, along with hands-on session on developing great techniques for dosing, distributing, tamping, and extracting. It is suitable for home baristas and baristas-to-be.


Course outline:

  • About the Plant and the Bean

  • Understand how and what we taste

  • Understand the fundamentals of espresso

  • Learn to build consistent workflow in espresso

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Basic Espresso Menu


This class is taught by our Chief Barista Rudel Balatbat, who has won multiple awards in Coffee Competitions.

Duration: 3 to 4 hrs (depending on the number of Pax)

Course Fee: $200 per participant

Class Size: Max 4 participants per class

Contact to enquire and register.

About Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)


To be the authority on delivering coffee excellence.


To create and inspire excellence in the coffee community through innovation, research, education and communication.


Excellence, knowledge, leadership, integrity, communication, competence, education and community.


SCAE is a recognised force with governments and international organisations on a global level. They lobby strongly for the cause of quality coffee. Together with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ), they represent the specialty sector on the International Coffee Organization's Private Sector Consultative Board. SCAE takes positions to defend coffee quality and to ensure a fair deal for everyone. They spearheaded the drive, now taken up by the ICO, to develop alternative uses for poor quality coffee and to remove it from the world market.

SCAE Introduction
to Coffee

This particular module is designed for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or has an interest in coffee. It covers all related topics from crop to cup.

Duration: 5 Hours

Course Fee: $150 per participant

SCAE Barista
Skills Foundation

This SCAE certification is designed for people who are new to the coffee industry. It focuses on the key skills required to set your grinder as well as foam and texture milk for pouring espresso beverages.

No previous barista experience is required for this course.

Duration: 6 Hours

Course Fee: $400 per participant

SCAE Barista
Skills Intermediate

This certification provides a deeper understanding of coffee itself
and builds on the practical skills learnt at the foundational level. Milk techniques, including latte art, are introduced along with topics such as health and safety, customer service, and basic business management.

This course is suitable for people who are already working as baristas.

Duration: 12 Hours / 2 Days

Course Fee: $750 per participant

Contact to enquire and register.


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