Our Story


Mike Chin, our founder and owner, received a calling from God to start a business that would serve the community and impact the marketplace positively. After praying with his wife and church leaders for 2 years, he decided to leave his corporate job and take the leap of faith to start a business. He felt led by God to head to a prayer mountain in Korea to seek clarity on a business direction. At the prayer mountain, God gave him a blueprint to run a coffee business. The blueprint included the idea of a first-ever Custom Blend Coffee. Along the way, God downloaded the recipe for our ever popular Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake.

He returned to Singapore and embarked on setting up a café. There were some setbacks along the way, but divine setups led him to find the first location of the business - a two storey shophouse in Holland Village. With the assurance from God, both Mike and his wife poured their savings to start their first café.


Established on 15 October 2012, d'Good Cafe is built on the philosophy of serving our community through quality products, good service and corporate social responsibility initiatives. God inspired him to use his extensive travel experiences to design this cafe. It features a cosy interior in different settings – The Lawn, The Attic, and The Balcony.

Despite many challenges, we did not stop learning and innovating to regularly refresh the experiences of our patrons.


3 years later, we were invited to make an offer for a much coveted unit at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City. The location was ideal for business expansion. Although we felt like a David facing Goliath, God’s favour was upon us and we secured the unit.


The second café at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City was opened on 1 September 2016. God inspired him to use the years he spent in England to design this cafe. The 65-seat café houses a London Tube and an English Garden. Apart from coffee, it is dedicated to specialty tea. Our own brand of tea, DGC Tea, was launched at this new café with an extensive selection.

In 2017, we introduced our own specialty coffee brand - DGC Academy and Roastery.

On 1 February 2019, we expanded our drink offerings with the launch of our own cocktail bar - Eph518.  This was followed by the opening of our third outlet on 11 April where we greet an international audience at our black-and-white colonial cafe in Jewel Changi Airport. The use of white-washed walls and dark timber is reminiscent of bungalows built during Singapore’s colonial period. Diners can also learn about Singapore’s coffee heritage through our first-ever Singapore Coffee Museum that resides in the café. The menu for this third outlet reflects Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture and heritage. From chicken rice to nasi lemak and kopi chendol, we profiled the SG flavours in our offerings.


Swing by to experience our dedication to specialty coffee, specialty tea, cocktails, fresh bakes, and meals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring joy and goodness to our customers and the community, letting them know they are being cared for.

Our business values are anchored on The Way, The Truth and The Life.

The Way

Experience goodness the moment you enter and bring a smile with you when you leave!

The Truth

We are honest in what we offer, bringing freshness & quality to our customers

The Life

Come join us to transform the community for the better!

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