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Strait Place 1819

Mike Chin, our founder and owner, received a calling from God to start a business that would serve the community and impact the marketplace positively. After much prayers, he took a leap of faith and left his corporate job. He felt led by God to head to a prayer mountain in Korea to seek clarity on a business direction. At the prayer mountain, God gave him a blueprint to run a coffee business.

He returned to Singapore and embarked on setting up a café. There were some setbacks along the way, but divine setups led him to find the first location of the business - a two storey shophouse in Holland Village. Along the way, God also downloaded the recipe for our ever-popular Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake to him and this one-hit wonder became one of our signatures.

d'Good Cafe Holland Village
Eph518 Cocktail Bar Holland Village
d’Good Cafe

Established on 15 October 2012, d'Good Cafe is built on the philosophy of serving our community through quality products, good service and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Our homely space features a cosy interior in different settings – The Lawn, The Attic, and The Balcony. Well cemented in Holland Village, we have welcomed many guests and friends with our award-winning coffee and signatures.

Through the years, we launched our own brand of tea (DGC Tea), introduced our own specialty coffee brand (DGC Academy and Roastery), and expanded our drink offerings with the addition of a cocktail bar (Eph518 Cocktail Bar).

Strait Place 1819 VivoCity
Strait Place 1819 VivoCity
Strait Place 1819 VivoCity
Strait Place 1819

The Inspiration

Singapore has a rich and diverse food culture with hawker fare being our staple. However, some of our favourite hawker dishes may be disappearing when our hawkers retire without successors. We want to preserve Singapore’s culinary heritage through Strait Place 1819 which offers dishes and drinks that pay homage to our local cuisine.

The Name

In the past, Singapore was known as “石叻坡” by the Chinese. “石叻” is a direct translation from the Malay word “Selat” (Sit-lat) meaning “Strait”. The word “坡” means “place” while 1819 marks the birth of modern Singapore. The name represents an amalgamation of something old and something new.


The Concept

The founding of colonial Singapore as a free port led to a rapid influx of immigrants. They took breaks from their work and gathered at places to refuel and socialise. This shaped the very early Kopitiam that gradually served as a place for common folks to gather, eat, and drink. Inspired by the early Kopitiam, Strait Place 1819 provides a happy place for refuel, social gatherings, and celebrations. Our menu offers modern interpretations of Singapore’s favourites while meeting some dietary restrictions. Along with gluten-free options, we also offer healthier versions of carb-based dishes that are high in prebiotic fibre with the addition of Alchemy Fibre™.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring joy and goodness to our customers and the community, letting them know they are being cared for.

Our business values are anchored on The Way, The Truth and The Life.

The Way

Experience goodness the moment you enter and bring a smile with you when you leave!

The Truth

We are honest in what we offer, bringing freshness & quality to our customers

The Life

Come join us to transform the community for the better!

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